Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love Info-graphics? Get some handy eye-candy!

Call me a sucker for info-graphics but there's something cool about them. Of course, I'm referring to the ones done well i.e. InfoGfx that convey all the data without sacrificing on design; ones that are aesthically and smartly presented without clipping content or scrimping message.

In a world of information overload, info-graphics achieve amazing cut-through. It's a classic union of words and design, art and copy. I'm convinced "InfoGraphy" is the next big thing - a specialised stream of the future, one where typographic design & quality content give birth to a meaningful, beautiful new entity.

Link of Interest: 5 Top FREE Tools > to create slick infographics
Here's a cool one from HolyKaw!... both, interesting and informative.

Many thanks Tim Berners-Lee... for giving us the Internet!

And like me, if you love InfoGrfx, click on this link to check out 40 super-cool info-graphics - quirky, inspirational, useful, funny "stories in pictures" - all loaded with info.

Here's the much-viewed TED talk by David McCandless - the one that made InfoGfx famous - a must-watch if you haven't seen it.

Meanwhile, back in bee-yoo-ti-ful NZ, there's an interesting, challenging (and brilliant) design project on the same lines. Undertaken by Gareth Parry and his wife, it's called 52 infographics in 52 weeks!

So the next time someone asks you "What is an InfoGraphic...?"
tell them it's like a QR (quick response) code for the human brain.

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And, if they ask you "What is a QR code...?"
Ask them to click here or read up here.