Thursday, October 20, 2011

Social Gaming and Gamification – a huge success!


What a night it was… the Social Media Club Auckland meet up on Tuesday 18 Oct was a fun night - a roaring success!

The theme for the evening was Social Gaming and Gamification in New Zealand and we had the Who’s Who of NZ gaming in attendance at the flash new YooBee Flagship Store in Britomart Central.

Truly, it was an evening when geek went chic. Where hardcore gamers got social with fashion stylistas. Above all, it showed the NZ gaming industry is in good shape and on the path to a bright future. Watch this space!

Attendees were "awesome-ized" by excellent presentations by our panel of speakers, exploring the hottest concepts in gamespace. From social games and gamification of business to mobile apps, game design, F1 simulators and a cool live display of AR (augmented reality) and VR (voice recognition) on the Xbox 360 Kinect.

Mitch Olson, Co-Founder,

Stephen Knightly, MD,

Jonathan Rogers & Chris Wilson,

Kevin Andreassend, ICE AV Tech

Rowan Wernham, Co-Founder,

Nigel Parker, Development Advisor, Microsoft NZ

Nigel hit a high note during his presentation with his voice activated "flame-on" balls of fire, 
red laser light-sabres and 3-D models (if that sounds like gibberish to you, see demo video here.)  

Happily, the Social Media Club Auckland event received unprecedented media support:

AdMedia & Fastline - What's got the games biz buzzing and SMC Dates

Idealog - Win tickets to Social Media Club and StopPress - To sell, you must compel

Tech Day - YooBee to Host Social Gaming social

Base FM / Juice TV / Radio Ponsonby

PIC Courtesy: SnapStar Here are some snazzy pics from the night taken by Charlie Kim.

Also published on the YooBee Newsletter - Are You Game?

Huge Thanks to all above, and in equal measure to our...

* Venue Sponsors - YooBee
* Prize Sponsors - BurgerFuel, YooBee and Microsoft
* F&B Suppliers - People’s Wines, Quintessential Food (Tnk yoo, Tara)
* Team YooBee: Kate Johnston, Emma Henaghan, MonaLisa Codling, Clare Coulson, DJ Phoebe Falconer, Ryan Watson, Arama Cookson, Jamie Yang, Brandon Black, Michael, the 2 girls in-store and... Richard Webb.

Highlights from the Awesome Evening

The tweetstream off our official event hashtag (#SMCakl) was flowing fast and thick and it was trending in Auckland before the event started.

The entire event was livestreamed via SMCakl's U-Stream channel (click here to view). And there were quite a few who couldn’t turn up to Britomart but tuned in live - from the north shore to San Francisco (Well done, Brandon Black.)

Plus, we even had a QR code for the event. How cool is that - if it is!

5 Cool Prizes - Haunani Pao, Camellia Yang and a lucky lad won $50 Burger Fuel Vouchers + a YooBee NoteBook, while Anika Nafis and a lucky gent won Microsoft Xbox 360 games.

For prize distribution, we used a fun ploy (invented by Vaughn Davis) called Spin That Tweet – where we used Simon Young’s iPad to give the #SMCakl tweet-wall a whirl and touched the screen at random to draw the lucky winner!

And the venue, man! The chic, new YooBee Flagship Store in sexycool all black. With large Apple screens rolling tweets off #SMCakl, Macs loaded with apps for all to game on and play, music playing, wine flowing…

AND... I was the MC for the night. Seriously now... what more can one ask for :-)

Yup! It was a fun night alright. Cheers and thanks again to all who helped piece the event together. Special Thanks to Kate Johnston, Emma Henaghan & Richard Webb of YooBee and Stephen Knightly of - they made it happen. (ps: Thanks also to Katie Heenan for all her support.)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011) - Today, genius died.

RIP Steve Jobs
(1955 - 2011)

Steve Jobs didn't show the way. He created it.
This says it all.

People followed him, connected with him, and liked him much before it was socially cool to do so. And you don't have to be an Apple fan to recognize his creative, branding, mktg, tech genius. Just look around and you'll see how he's changed the world. The Steve Jobs effect on the world will be felt for many years to come!

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs... you will be missed.

Apple Product history upto 2007 - double-click to enlarge image

The landmark TV commercial that spawned a super-brand... The Apple Mac

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Social Media Marketing in 7 days (Book Review)

To connect with the author, Linda Coles... click here!

"Learn Marketing with Social Media - in 7 days" - a new book by Linda Coles is out now. You can find it in on the shelves in all leading bookstores in Australia and New Zealand and on the world's largest e-bookstore: You can buy the book here from late Oct 2011.

I know Linda for over a year now. She is the Founder/ Director of New Zealand’s foremost social media consultancies - Blue Banana, a regular contributor to Michael Stelzner's popular business blog - Social Media Examiner, a sought after speaker at conferences worldwide, and now, an international author.

Julian Waters, Linda Coles, me and Justin Flitter - Good times at SMCakl !!!

My first meeting with Linda was when she spoke at our Social Media Club Auckland (SMCakl) event in October 2010. Which for some reason (I still don’t know why), was a beachy, summer event - in biting cold weather J

Just about a month ago, I was happy (and pretty awed) to learn from Linda she was releasing her own ‘Learn in 7 days’ book on social media – probably NZ’s first hard copy to be published on the subject!

Fortunately, I ran into Linda recently at a breakfast seminar (Business Intelligence Series) where she invited me to write a book review.
‘Learn marketing with Social Media in 7 days’ by Linda Coles released in the first week of September 2011. Right as rain, I received my crisp copy home delivered via courier (thank you!) about the same time. It is my privilege and pleasure to write this review:

"Surely you know someone who wants to get started with Social Media, or could benefit from knowing more.
‘Learn marketing with Social Media in 7 days’ is a handy, ready-reference guidebook. A helpful companion to any social media user, it is written in an easy-to-follow, friendly manner. And the live examples (written by NZ’s best-known social media practitioners) make learning a lot simpler.

With 4 main chapters dedicated to - FaceBook, LinkedIN, Twitter and YouTube - the book is a coherent, sequential learning guide to the most popular social media platforms of today.
Social media is all about learning by doing. Linda’s book is the essential reading that goes along with the doing. It's the theory of social media.

Generously sprinkled with tips and to-dos,‘Learn marketing with...’ is a must-have for those venturing out into the wide world of social media.

At $34 NZD, it makes an excellent (Birthday/ Christmas/ New Year) gift. One they’ll keep & use (and remember & thank you) for a long time."

USAGE TIP: Keep this handbook close to your computer. Pick it up as often as you can - and yes, please DO try everything at home - and the best part, you can do so in your pyjamas :)"
To sign-off, here's the amazing Linda Coles, in her own words: