Monday, August 26, 2013

The Rise Of Social Business. And The Benefits In 60 Secs!

Social Business is a journey.
Starts at the top. Starts on the inside.

Social is not something you do. It's who you are.

We (you + me) are the media now. 
The content 'is' the marketing.

Social is the way to go. 
Collaboration is the way ahead.
Social Business is the future.

More than tools and technology,
Social Business is about mindset and culture. 

While that's the best 5-pointer I've got, the smartest one-pager on Social Business I've come across is this infographic created by IBM Social Business, with gems like:

  • A social workforce is a smarter workforce.
  • It's your employees. And your customers. (Internal + External)
  • Turn customers into advocates.
  • There's no business but social business.

Click on the image to view enlarged version

Now that you're all stimulated, you may well ask: What are the Benefits of Social Business?

For detailed information on Social Business, visit IBM Social Business
For Infographics on SocBiz and more,

Get Social. Do Business. 
Let's Build A Smarter Planet.

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