Thursday, November 14, 2013

Social Business - A Competitive Advantage [DECK] #SocBiz

The Social Business Guiding Star

This is a story about business innovation and digital transformation, and it's happening in our backyard. A business reality that's changing the way we use social media.

Let's look at some of the world's leading brands and analyze their social success stories? Coke, Nike, Samsung, IBM, Red Bull, McDonalds, Starbucks, Virgin, Disney, Intel, Google, Amazon - different industries, markets, audiences - but all with large, buzzing, engaged online communities.

What really makes them tick? 
  • They are present on platforms where their customers are
  • They are available when their consumers want to buy
  • They know their community and provide content that resonates
  • They empower employees to connect as brand advocates
  • They have built relationships with communities to generate sales, offline and online 
  • They have built their own digital ecosystem to offer a great customer journey
  • They transformed their business models, ever-innovating to fit changing marketscapes
  • They have evolved into a social business to offer exceptional customer experience

Mon, 26 August, 2013: On that note, it was my pleasure (and privilege) to be invited to Otago Polytechnic as Guest Speaker to present on Social Media for Business to Services Marketing Management students. My slideshare presentation: Social Business - A Competitive Advantage.

Thank You, Otago Polytech

Much Gratitude

Prof. Henry Ho, myself, Prof. Inna Piven, Director Freddy Variava 
Many Thanks! wonderful people (staff + students) on Auckland International Campus

Happy and humbled to have been invited... and poster-ed on the wall :-)

Social Business - A Competitive Advantage 

·         Social Business is a journey. It starts at the top, starts on the inside.

·         Social is not something you do. It's who you are.

·         Social is the way to go. Collaboration is the way ahead. Social Business is the future.

·         More than tools and technology, Social Business is about mind-shift and culture.

·         WE are the media now. The content ‘is’ the marketing. The experience ‘is’ the brand.