Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Key to Social Media Success is to Stay Focused

This man needs no introduction. If you've been around the social media marketing scene, you know Mark Schaefer.

Luckily, I caught up with Mark for a fun, friendly chat in Auckland over breakfast and coffee. Off the cuff, I let fly three questions. His answers were original and insightful.

This video blog is Episode 1 of Marketing Madness. In case you missed the memo, it's my new YouTube Show! Watch it. Send in your feedback. Stay tuned for more...

Marketing Madness - Episode 1

Interview with an authentic social media marketing expert, Mark Schaefer

AT: Author. Blogger. Professor. Trainer. Consultant. Speaker. How do you do it? How do you multi-task and keep your sanity?

MS: The key is to stay focused and not get swayed by shiny object syndrome. I focus on 3 Cs: Clients. College. Content. If it doesn't make money or connect with people, don't do it.

AT: Your Business Grow blog is the go-to place for high-value content. Hottest topics in social media and digital marketing explained in a simple way. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

MS: From people. Paying attention to what they are asking, thinking, talking about. The question you ask me today will probably become a blog post.

AT: You travel the world for business. What are your thoughts on social media marketing in the Asia Pacific region? How is New Zealand shaping up?

MS: NZ is a beautiful country full of well-educated people. The opportunities for social media marketing here are enormous. The social media market is ready to explode out here.

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The key is to stay focused.Learn what you need to do to be successful.Pay attention.The social media marketing scene in NZ is ready to explode.- Mark Schaefer | Interview | [Marketing Madness Ep.1]
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  • Mark has written 5 best-selling business books. His latest is: The Content Code


A must-do #DnAselfie at The Coffee Club to kick off the excitement

Mark reacts to the sound of the Tui - an intelligent NZ native bird